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Report on Industry Sector Research Needs

One of the FIRE objectives is to find out industry needs to inform the development of cluster research strategies. A community of industrial End Users has been created from and beyond existing cluster members.

Thus, FIRE sets up 5 Industrial and Commercial Networks (ICNs) in the domains of Energy, Finance, Health, Mobile communications, Government.

five ICNsUnder the support of this community of ICNs, FIRE will determine the industry user needs1, which constitute one of the three main information sources used in the creation of the Research Agenda.

ICNs have been formed to identify and pose Industry End-User Challenges for research organizations to address. They have reviewed the major industry challenges in their fields and identified industry-led research challenges.

user needs cover

This analyses produced the Report on Industry Sector Research Needs, which was authored, peer-reviewed by the European ICT Security stakeholders.

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1. The term ‘user needs’ is used in a very specific way here. The user needs are defined to be technology-agnostic needs that can lead to research requirements. In deriving these research objectives we draw form users, IT Security Industry and the research community and supplement this with best practice drawn from others in the EU and elsewhere.


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