Trustworthy ICT Research for the IT Security Industry.
A collaboration of IT Security Associations.
Supporting the competitiveness of the European IT Security market
and defining the research agenda.

Report on Recommendations to the European Commission

Europe is very fragmented on research in the domain of information security and trustworthy ICT. It lacks a coherent overview and map of current expertise throughout Europe and the collaboration between companies, research institutions and other actors is very limited. The gap between the IT security industry roadmaps and the research activities being performed in institutes and academia is currently too wide.

FIRE project aims at stimulating companies and researchers to identify joint challenges and to learn how to further support the development of the European information security market.

Once collected the lacks, needs and concerns of industry and reserchers, the FIRE team will issue a high level Report on Recommendations to the European Commission for international collaboration in Trustworthy ICT. This document will identify opportunities for collaboration and cooperative initiatives between EU IT Security Stakeholders. This document will be provided as an input for the development of future European funding programmes.

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