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The FIRE project brings together the European stakeholders of the Trustworthy ICT field in its final conference in Brussels

The high level event presented the results of the project

October, the 15th, 2014.- Past 13th of October of 2014, the project FIRE organized its final conference in the MCE in Brussels under the title Industrial & Research Challenges arising from User Requirements in Trustworthy ICT: Pan-European analysis of ICT Security requirements from Finance, Healthcare, Energy, ICT and Governments. The event, in which the results of the projects were presented, gathered the most notorious stakeholders in Europe from the field of cybersecurity.

chastanetMr. Pierre Chastanet, Deputy Head of Unit – Trust & Security, DG CONNECT of the European Commission, and Mr. David Alonso, FIRE project dissemination coordinator from AMETIC, opened the event. Mr. Alonso stressed the crucial role of the FIRE partners in the project achievements. The consortium is composed of IT Security clusters from 6 different European countries: Spain, UK, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Estonia. “Together we represent directly or indirectly more than 5.000 European entities from the field, including research institutes and universities, industrial members, Government agencies, end-users, funding bodies, legal and privacy experts”, explained Mr. Alonso. Such a powerful consortium is undoubtedly a certain guarantee of satisfactory outcomes. However, the partners’ expertise as well as the huge effort they made to encourage the participation in the FIRE initiatives were the real key to success.

FIRE is an “end-users driven” project and that is exactly what makes its results certainly unique. This fact was valued by Mr. Chastanet, who stated that “the European Commission is very aware of the importance of the reports issued by FIRE and they will be taken into account in the development of future R&D support programs”.

The conference presented FIRE’s major results on the analysis of the existing gaps between IT Security research and industry, the pan-European analysis of IT Security requirements from Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Mobility and Government sectors, the key research challenges arising from user needs in Trustworthy ICT and the opportunities for the IT Security Industry and Research communities and clusters. High level panellists held presentations in 9 dynamic panel sessions, in which the audience had the opportunity of posting questions and sharing concerns about the Trustworthy ICT field. The discussions and final conclusions of the event will be gathered in a public report.

Firstly, Mr. Ulrich Seldeslachts representing FIRE project partner LSEC, chaired the session Keynote opening panel: Crossing the valley of death.  The specific title of the session tried to be inspiring for the speakers in order to identify and address the current barriers existing between the IT Security research hot topics and the innovative products and services therefore developed, as well as the market environment for a successful deployment in terms of societal impact, economic benefit and security IT Systems upgrading. Prof. Norbert Pohlmann, Chairman of the Board in TeleTrusT and Mr. Jan Valcke, COO in Vasco Data Security, completed the panel session.

Then, Dr. Richard Chisnall, FIRE Project partner from LSEC presented the main aspects of the elaboration process of the FIRE Strategic Research Agenda, a report issued by the project containing requirements, needs and interests from Trustworthy ICT users, industry providers and researchers throughout Europe. (See document).

Regions and clusters and how to achieve a fruitful collaboration between them has been a challenge analyzed during the project. Subsequently, a panel session on Building a European Security Environment among regions took place in the conference. The session moderated by Prof. Chris Pickering, FIRE Project partner from ADS, counted on the speeches of Prof. Norbert Pohlmann, Director of the Institute for Internet Security in IFIS, Dr. Dick Brandt, Advisor to the Dutch Ministry, coordinator SBIR Programme development in Dutch Ministry and Prof. John McCanny, member of The Royal Society.

martin800pxThen, the turn came for the end-users. Five different panel sessions were held corresponding to the five markets whose requirements in IT Security were analyzed during the project: Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Mobility and Government. The finance session was moderated by Mr. Sameer Savani, Technology Advisor from ADS Group and composed of Prof. John McCanny, CSIT Queens Univ. Belfast, Dr. Richard Chisnall, Security Technology Specialist, LSEC and Mr. Jan Valcke, President & COO, Vasco Data Security. Dr. Jitka Sladkova, Director of NSMC, moderated the session on energy, which was composed of Mr. Titus Ablorh, Head of E.ON services CZ in T-Systems and Mr. Illya Siromaschenko, research associate in the Institute for Internet Security IFIS. The health session was conducted by Mrs. Sofia Moreno, FIRE project partner from AMETIC, as a debate with Mr. Josu Xabier Llano, Department of Health of Basque Country Government, Mr. Javier Zubieta, Business Development & Security Manager in GMV and Prof. Atta Badii, School of Systems Engineering in the University of Reading. Mr. Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO of LSEC, was the chairperson of the Mobile session made up of Ms. Jaya Baloo, CISO, KPN and Mr. Evangelos Markatos, Affiliated Researcher, FORTH. Finally, Mr. Seldeslachts chaired also the session on government which counted on the speeches of Mr. Ronny Depoortere, Senior Vice President Zetes, PASS, Mr. Dick Brandt, Dick Brandt Advies, Advisor to the Dutch Ministry and Coordinator of the SBIR Program and Mr. Miguel De Bruyckere, Head Cyber Defense & Coordinator of CERT.MIL, Belgian Ministry of Defense.

Embedded into the application sector sessions was allocated a round table focused on the FIRE project interaction with other support initiatives in Europe on Trustworthy ICT innovations. This table, chaired by Mr. David Alonso, R&D Consultant in AMETIC, brought together representative speakers from CYSPA, Mrs. Nina Olesen, and SecCord, Mr. Luca  Compagna.

The conference was closed by Mr. Martin Muehleck, the FIRE project officer from the DG CONNECT of the European Commission. In his closing statement, Mr. Muehleck had nice words to the project consortium which “has achieved to issue high level reports on various cutting edge topics in the IT Security field”. He assured that the FIRE final reports are consultation documents daily used in his EC Unit and encourage attendees to read them. The final documents are accessible at the FIRE site ( )

The conclusions of the event were, moreover, presented by partners in a workshop on October, the 14th, in the framework of ISSE 2014.


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