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The beautiful Spanish region of La Vera hosts a new FIRE’s board meeting

The debates held in the meeting will inform the following public deliverables of the project

April, 21st , 2014.- During two springy days in one of the most beautiful rural areas in Spain, the FIRE project held a new board meeting. The meeting was organized by Sofía Moreno. Partners attending the event held interesting discussion on the topics on which FIRE will be working during the following months.

The meeting started with the presentation of the achievements of the project in the last quarter, which included the issuance of several deliverables and two final documents accessible at the web site: Report on Industry Sector Research Needs and Report on Addressing societal concerns on legal and privacy issues in ICT-related projects

meeting discussionThen, two dissemination activities that are currently in process were internally presented: first, a number of video-interviews which are being recorded in order to facilitate the key message of FIRE to European citizens. The publication of these videos will start in the following weeks; second, a final event that will be organized at the end of the project. The exact date is not fixed yet but it is already known that the event will broadcast the final conclusion of FIRE and will count on the participation of the European Commission.

Later, the meeting focused on deliberations about the benefits of belonging to innovation clusters and the strengths and weaknesses of the national and European funding programs on ICT Security and recommendation of improvements. These debates produced the first ideas to be presented to the FIRE networks in order to inform the next deliverables.


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