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Trans-Cluster Research Complementarities and Gaps

To identify initial complementarities and gaps between the regions, the FIRE project partners have carried out an initial analysis for their countries/ regions, aimed at identifying the key issues that each region needs to address to enhance its IT security capability and competitiveness, and the resulting IT security research priorities. The results were presented at a FIRE strategy workshop on 14th – 15th February

The workshop identified the following key issues that were important to all the regions:

  • Physical control systems (SCADA)
  • Certification (Standards)
  • State Legislation (and voluntary measures)
  • Skill shortage/ training/ education
  • Size of market (to justify investment in new solutions)
  • Business Case
  • SMEs
  • Supply chain reliance on the US
  • Secrecy

In addition the following application areas were identified initially as being of concern across the partner regions:

  • CIIP (Critical International Infrastructure Protection)
  • Smart Meters/ Smart Grids
  • I-Voting (Estonia only at present)
  • Cloud and mobile based services (and forensics)

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