Trustworthy ICT Research for the IT Security Industry.
A collaboration of IT Security Associations.
Supporting the competitiveness of the European IT Security market
and defining the research agenda.


Welcoming Address
docThe FIRE project
Mr. David Alonso, FIRE Project, AMETIC
Keynote opening panel: Crossing the valley of death
docMr. Ulrich Seldeslachts FIRE project partner, LSEC
docProf. Norbert Pohlmann Chairman of the Board, TeleTrusT
FIRE Research Agenda
docFIRE Strategic Research Agenda
Dr. Richard Chisnall FIRE Project partner, LSEC
Building a European Security Environment among regions
docProf. Norbert Pohlmann Director, Institute for Internet Security IFIS
docMr. Dick Brandt Dutch Ministry
docMr. Fabio Martinelli NIS Platform
IT Security Challenges arising from Industry, End Users and Research requirements - Session 1  
Finance Sector
doc Mr. Sameer Savani Technology Advisor, ADS Group
docProf. John McCanny Principal Investigator, CSIT Queens Univ. Belfast
docDr. Richard Chisnall Security Technology Specialist, LSEC
Energy Sector
doc Mrs. Jitka Sladkova Director, NSMC
docMr. Titus Ablorh Head of services in Czech republic, E.ON
docMr. Illya Siromaschenko Institute for Internet Security IFIS
Health Sector
docProf. Atta Badii School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading
Mobile Communications Sector
doc Mr. Ulrich Seldeslachts CEO, LSEC
docMr. Evangelos Markos On the Red Book,  FORTH
Government Sector
doc Mr. Ulrich Seldeslachts CEO, LSEC
Improving the Trustworthy ICT competitiveness in global markets: European Support Initiatives on Trusted Networks
docMrs. Nina Olesen Cybersecurity Operation Manager of CYSPA, European Organisation for Security
docMr. Luca  Compagna SAP SE , Project Cluster Lead of SECurity and trust COoRDination and enhanced collaboration, SecCord

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