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FIRE's final conference

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Industrial & Research Challenges arising from User Requirements in Trustworthy ICT

Pan-European analysis of ICT Security requirements from Finance, Healthcare, Energy, ICT and Governments: results from the FIRE project

October 13th 2014
MCE Center (see map)
Rue de l'Aqueduc 118. B-1050 
Brussels, Belgium

The FIRE FP7 project organizes its final conference Industrial & Research Challenges arising from User Requirements in Trustworthy ICT in Brussels on October, the 13th of 2014, the day before the ISSE 2014 event.

The conference will aim to present FIRE’s major results on:

  • The analysis of the existing gaps between IT Security research and industry.
  • The pan-European analysis of IT Security requirements from Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Mobility and Government sectors.
  • The key research challenges arising from user needs in Trustworthy ICT.
  • The opportunities for the IT Security Industry and Research communities and clusters.
  • The suitable strategies to match research activities with industry needs.

To achieve this, the event will bring together high-level representatives of users, expert groups and stakeholders from the IT Security and Trustworthy ICT industry vertical sectors (Health, Mobility, Finance, Energy and Government) as well as research experts in the field.  The event will be aimed at sharing experiences and creating valuable opinions on how to reduce the gap between industry needs and research activities through a variety of mechanisms, in order to increase competitiveness of the European Industry within the global IT Security Market. European Commission personnel will be present and ready to listen in order to take these conclusions into account for the forthcoming R & D Funding Support Initiatives.

We will also provide you with the perfect environment for preparation, networking and set up of new proposals to be submitted in the forthcoming Horizon 2020 calls in Trustworthy ICT-related topics in the “Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies: Information and Communication Technologies” and “Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens” programmes that will open in October 2014 and will close in April and August 2015.

Other high-impact initiatives focused on fostering the IT Security and Trustworthy European industry market across Europe will also be invited to share their activities and to look for synergies with FIRE in order to increase the global impact on the sector.

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