Trustworthy ICT Research for the IT Security Industry.
A collaboration of IT Security Associations.
Supporting the competitiveness of the European IT Security market
and defining the research agenda.

The FIRE Structure

FIRE is setting up a structure to enable and stimulate collaboration between European researchers and companies in the field of information security.



Pan-Cluster Research Network

The Pan-Cluster Research Network (RN) brings together relevant technical experts in the fields of Trustworthy ICT and Information Security.  The RN provides complementary expertise together in order to tackle larger research topics with wide technical, commercial and societal impact.

Industrial and Commercial Networks

Industrial and Commercial Networks (ICNs) were formed to identify and pose Industry challenges and needs. They were set up around five Industry Sector Themes: Energy, Finance, Health, Mobile Communications and e-Government. The ICNs are a key route to delivering strong economic benefit on an EU and global scale.

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