Trustworthy ICT Research for the IT Security Industry.
A collaboration of IT Security Associations.
Supporting the competitiveness of the European IT Security market
and defining the research agenda.


FIRE is a unique collaboration as it unites the biggest European not-for-profit Information Security associations (national security clusters) representing Germany, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Estonia. These associations embody over 1500 companies active in the domain of Trustworthy ICT and Security in Europe and have together over 50 years of experience in these activities.

The FIRE Coordination Action partnership represents industry, research, government and end users in Trustworthy ICT as shown in the diagram below.

FIRE provides security industry companies and research organizations with an opportunity to further capitalise on the world-class research already happening in the EU in the field of Trustworthy ICT and information security by:

  • bringing together various disciplines in research and in industry
  • establishing and maintaining relations with information security technology vendors and the industry at large to validate research activities
  • providing international discussion platforms that address the global dimension


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