Trustworthy ICT Research for the IT Security Industry.
A collaboration of IT Security Associations.
Supporting the competitiveness of the European IT Security market
and defining the research agenda.

Project Description

The acronym FIRE is an abbreviation of “Facilitate Industry and Research in Europe”. The objective of FIRE is to improve the European industrial competitiveness in markets of trustworthy ICT, by taking account of the needs of the Security industry in this domain building on the unique combination of the participating international clusters in information security technologies.

FIRE aims to reduce the gap between industry and research in Europe, organize activities that reduce the fragmentation in the information security industry itself, and support in coordinating the European Trustworthy ICT research by linking researchers with the needs of the industry and finally raising the European industrial competitiveness in the markets of trustworthy ICT.

With participating clusters in Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Estonia, Czech Republic and Spain, FIRE already brings together the interests of the end user market, the information security business and research organizations. The partnership is open to other associations in Europe and abroad.

FIRE will build upon the existing international collaboration that now collectively represents more than 1000 associated IT security companies, research organizations and government institutions both SME and large enterprises in Europe, relying on existing relations and networks which are already very active .

Over of recent years, citizens and European policy makers have recognized that Trustworthy ICT developments in Europe have been delivering outstanding state of the art scientific results which have stimulated interest throughout the world. These include but are not limited to developments in electronic identities and cryptography. The level of academic research is recognized to be world class throughout the community, but there are a number of challenges related to this research realizingto e its full potential for the European economy.

Trustworthy ICT research in Europe lacks a strong link with the information security industry, especially with the European SMEs active in the domain of trustworthy ICT. Information security SMEs in Europe find it difficult to benefit from the trustworthy ICT research, in terms of: learning about the state-of-the-art research and applying research results; further the focusing ir research according to market needs; and useing research results to improve competitiveness in the global market of information security products and technologies.

This project will stimulate companies and researchers to identify joint challenges and to learn how to further support the development of the European information security market.

Europe is also very fragmented in research in the domain of information security and trustworthy ICT. There currently does not exist any comprehensive or representative overview of all of the European research organizations and their respective levels of expertise and research activities in IT security or trustworthy ICT,which would be a useful reference for industry and other research organizations. Europe lacks a coherent overview and map of current expertise throughout Europe and the collaboration between companies, research institutions and other actors is very limited. The gap between the IT security industry roadmaps and the research activities being performed in institutes and academia is currently too wide.

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